Celebrity eye makeup trends outlined

Celebrity eye makeup trends outlined

By Emily Tait

A number of eye makeup looks sported by celebrities have been assessed by a style writer.

Examiner journalist Amy Conklin listed some famous faces and described whose eye makeup was good to copy and who should not be looked to for inspiration.

The light smoky eye look seen on Mila Kunis was listed as a success, with her "beautiful burgundy shadow" said to work well with the hazel and green of her irises.

Singer Lady Gaga was also singled out for praise for the feathery application of her undereye liner and more traditional style for the top lid.

Ms Conklin was less impressed with Taylor Momsen"s attempt as ashy eyes, as she said that the look was not subtle enough and Ms Momsen"s lip colour was too bright to work with it.

Another makeup writer, Amelia Jimenez, recently reported in PennLive.com that she had managed to cure her problem of irritated red eyes by switching to hypoallergenic cosmetics.

The teenager said that she had learned the importance of choosing makeup carefully.

by Martin Burns

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