Warning given on Halloween contact lenses

Warning given on Halloween contact lenses

By Emily Tait

People who want to wear contact lenses as part of their Halloween costumes have been reminded of the need to take the required safety measues.

In an article for women"s health magazine EmpowHer, Denise DeWitt explained that novelty contact lenses can dramatically alter the look of one"s eyes and be a fun part of fancy dress.

However, wearers should not simply insert any contact lenses they find anywhere into their eyes.

Optometrist Art Epstein said that only prescription contact lenses should be worn and warned consumers not to buy novelty items from non-professionals.

It is still possible to wear novelty contact lenses safely but care needs to be taken.

Users should see their eye doctor to have them properly fitted and to ensure that they do not have any ailments that may affect their wearing the lenses.

Last month, Jennifer Harvey of Coastal Contacts said that Halloween is one of the busiest times of the year for her firm.

She noted that vampire film Twilight has raised the demand for red, purple and amber contact lenses .

by Adrian Galbreth

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