Blindness charity condemns postal strike

Blindness charity condemns postal strike

By Adrian Galbreth

Blind people would suffer if Royal Mail carried out a national strike, a charity has warned.

The National Federation of the Blind pointed out that people who cannot see rely heavily on the postal service.

Many are elderly and do not have computers, while others are housebound and depend on talking books and magazines that are posted to them.

"Sighted people will still be able to go and buy their newspapers; go to their bookshops and buy their books or magazines. Blind people cannot do this - we have to rely on our postal deliveries," the charity said in a statement.

Local postal strikes have already been taking place through England in recent weeks while a ballot is to be held on a national one.

David Small, who is blind, told the BBC that his quality of life had suffered when his talking books and newspapers failed to be delivered.

He has had to phone a friend to find out about television and radio guides and said he is sometimes depressed when no post arrives.

by Martin Burns

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