Warning signs of torn retina

Warning signs of torn retina

By Alexa Kaczka

Symptoms which could help to catch a torn retina before irrepairable damage is done have been identified in a newspaper.

Writing in the Daily Mail, Janette Marshall, who herself has been treated for the condition, explained how sufferers might learn they need to be checked for it.

She described how she had seen flashes of light and floating objects which she had initially thought were flies around her but then realised were inside her eye.

While it is common and normal to see little specks across one"s vision, these being leftovers from the eye"s development, retinal tear floaters are darker and thicker and may even give the sense of being slightly veiled.

Gordon Brown has been in the headlines recently, having been diagnosed with a torn retina in his right eye.

The Prime Minister lost the sight in his left eye after a rugby injury when he was a teenager.

Downing Street said that his sight has not deteriorated.

by Adrian Galbreth

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