Creams "could make puffy eyes worse"

Creams "could make puffy eyes worse"

Women who suffer from puffy eyes may find that creams aggravate the condition.

Elsa McAlonan told a Daily Mail reader that care needs to be taken in using eye creams as some of them will irritate eyes that are already sensitive.

She suggested using only a little of a product to discover whether one reacts badly to it and to try different creams to find a suitable one.

In addition, eye cream should be rubbed in using small circles, as this helps to fight puffiness and helps lymphatic drainage.

The massaging movement is also good for the skin tone.

Models Direct recently gave some advice on using eye cream on a budget.

It suggested using it around the lips as well as the eyes to save buying a separate product.

Women could also apply white eyeliner to their lower inner lids to make their eyes look bigger.

by Alexa Kaczka

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