Costume contact lens fitter calls for care over Halloween

Costume contact lens fitter calls for care over Halloween

By Emily Tait

People who want to wear novelty contact lenses for Halloween have been given advice by a professional.

Jonathan Gording is a member of the California Optometric Association who has fitted contact lenses for many professional Hollywood films.

He urged people not to wear mass-produced contact lenses and to see a specialist if they want to wear something to change the appearance of their eyes for Halloween.

Dr Gording, who has worked with contact lenses for films such as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Interview with the Vampire, told The Signal: "When I work with a producer, I have to remind them that costume contacts are medical devices."

He explained that as such, they need to be properly fitted and checked for any nicks that could harm the eye.

Several experts have recently been stressing the need to have Halloween costume contact lenses properly fitted.

The Michigan Optometric Association also reminded people to wash their hands and use only contact lens solutions that are approved by a specialist.

by Adrian Galbreth

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