Buddy Holly glasses "are fashionable"

Buddy Holly glasses "are fashionable"

By Emily Tait

The trend for fashionable artistic people"s glasses is to opt for outsize frames, a reporter has said.

Writing for the Independent, Philip Hensher said that he had noticed the domineering style among people attending the art fair Frieze in Regents Park in London.

"The predominant eyewear has definitely turned into the outsized Buddy Holly shape," he wrote, also observing that there was a "striking unanimity" in this choice of eyewear.

Mr Hensher also recalled that a decade ago, the fashion in the art world was for rimless glasses or ones with frames of polished titanium in a distinctive narrow shape.

Frieze Art Fair takes place every October and more than 150 art galleries in the world have a presence there.

Its main sponsor is Deutsche Bank.

As well as the artistic exhibitions, a number of talks are also held for visitors to attend.

Music and film feature in the event"s programme.

by Adrian Galbreth

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