Night-time contact lenses "could correct children"s sight"

Night-time contact lenses "could correct children"s sight"

A new type of contact lens worn for sleeping in could halt the worsening of sight in children.

The Daily Mail reported the five year SMART study which is testing contact lenses that aim to change the shape of the cornea by being worn overnight.

In one year, youngsters who wear the reshaping contact lenses have found their sight is more stable than those wearing ordinary ones.

Michael Ward, 13, of Watford, told the paper he has noticed a "huge difference".

He said that at one point he didn"t need his glasses for two nights while river rafting, though his sight began to worsen again after that.

As children"s eyes are still developing, it is easier to change their shape than adults".

Recently, some American teenagers watched a PowerPoint presentation about contact lenses developed by one of their peers.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported how Halie Ann Carter created the presentation to remind youngsters of the importance of taking proper care of contact lenses.

by Emily Tait

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