Norwegian opticians visit Irish contact lens plant

Norwegian opticians visit Irish contact lens plant

By Martin Burns

A group of eye professionals from Norway have been given a tour of a contact lens giant"s Irish plant.

Employees of Krogh Optikk, a leading chain of eye care stores in Norway, were guided around Bausch & Lomb"s plant in Waterford, Ireland.

They saw how certain contact lens products such as Purevision and SofLens were made and were even taken on a tour around the city itself.

Shera Anjaria, of Bausch & Lomb"s Nordic arm, joined the eye care professionals, who were introduced to some managers at the plant as well.

Paula Tebay of Bausch & Lomb told Waterford Today that the staff at the manufacturing site had been pleased to have the Norwegian visitors.

Bausch & Lomb is a global company that produces a number of contact lenses.

In the US, it does not make contact lenses designed to change the colour of the eye.

Contact lenses may have a light tint to them but this is to help keep them visible while they are being handled and does not have any effect on the eye"s appearance.

by Martin Burns

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