Using contact lenses "requires partnership"

Using contact lenses "requires partnership"

Contact lens wearers need to co-operate with their eye care specialists in order to use their lenses successfully, a publication has said.

The Baltic Times explained that a "partnership" is needed between an ophthalmologist and their patient when contact lenses are involved.

Wearers need the specialist"s help and advice in getting contact lenses and need to follow the instructions they are given.

For example, only the contact lens solution recommended by the expert should be used.

Not every solution will suit all types of contact lens and wearers will also have to take advice if they discover they have an allergy to a particular product.

The publication added that contact lenses give a number of advantages over glasses but need to be properly maintained.

Wearing them too long or sleeping in them when they are not designed for it can cause problems.

The Lake Country Calendar recently reported that silicone hydrogel contact lenses are better for users because they give a degree of sun protection and are more permeable to oxygen.

by Martin Burns

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