Merlin star relishes "sexy" contacts

Merlin star relishes "sexy" contacts

Former Eastenders and Bionic Woman star Michelle Ryan has been amazed at her sexy new character in the BBC TV series Merlin.

Ryan plays evil sorceress Nimueh and is loving the experience, never having been asked to play a bad character before.

She described the fun - partly attributing it to her costume.

In interview with the Daily Mail, she said: "I have dreadlocks and a red, slashed costume, which is very striking.

"I have blue contact lenses that are quite hypnotic too."

She described Nimueh as a "temptress" to whom men could not help but be attracted.

It is possible that her coloured contact lenses, which give her irises a startling blue luminescence, are partly the cause.

The actress, who is still only 24, appeared in Eastenders for several years as the character Zoe Slater, who found out the woman she thought was her big sister was actually her mother.

by Alexa Kaczka

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