Eye exams pushed at sporting bodies

Eye exams pushed at sporting bodies

Johnson & Johnson (J&J), makers of 1 Day Acuvue, has written to the UK"s sporting federations to remind athletes to take care of their eyesight.

Its Vision To Win letter has been sent to members of the 270 Central Council of Physical Recreation member organisations.

According to a report by Opticians Online, it "aims to raise the importance of eye examinations among sportsmen of all levels".

It also advises sportspeople to visit eye care professionals that "have been trained in performance, vision and sport for a sports specific eye exam, to help improve their performance and overall game".

J&J"s head of professional affairs David Ruston said the company hoped to continue to promote the message of healthy vision.

Athletes often find that contact lenses - which can be bought cheaply over the internet - are a better solution during sporting activities than glasses.

by Emily Tait

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