Contact lenses "good for athletic children"

Contact lenses "good for athletic children"

Youngsters who enjoy athletics can benefit from wearing contact lenses, an optometrist has said.

Answering a question in the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune, Jill Dillon pointed out that while the practice has been discouraged in the past, new technology has made contact lenses better suited for children.

She explained that disposable contact lenses means there is less worry about hygiene procedures and also pointed out that lenses often give better vision than spectacles.

Youngsters can wear daily disposable lenses as a one-off when they are playing their sports.

Another advantage is that goggles or helmets fit better on a child"s face or head without glasses.

Ms Dillon also observed that contact lenses are becoming more popular among children.

Recently, teenage keratoconus sufferer Kristian Allen Cook spoke of how his life had changed when he was given sclera contact lenses to correct his sight.

He had feared he might have to give up his dream of becoming a nuclear physicist.

by Emily Tait

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