Boy speaks of reshaping contact lenses

Boy speaks of reshaping contact lenses

A teenager has described his satisfaction with the new reshaping contact lenses he is trying.

Michael Davis, told the Watford Observer about his contact lenses, which he wears overnight to help correct his short-sightedness.

They work by pressuring his eyes to get them into a different shape, making his vision sharper.

"Because I play a lot of sports, it helps a lot instead of having to wear glasses," Michael said.

He can see well for two days or more after wearing the contact lenses at night.

The boy"s optician, Shelly Bansal, told the paper that while it has long been the case that contact lenses could shape an eye, the element of control is new.

Contact lens brand Acuvue has stated that children as young as eight could wear ordinary contact lenses if they are responsible with them.

According to its data, the average age for starting using contact lenses is 13.

by Emily Tait

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