Cheryl Cole: I judge people on their eyes

Cheryl Cole: I judge people on their eyes

By Emily Tait

X Factor judge and pop singer Cheryl Cole has spoke of how she believes eyes reveal a person"s character.

In an interview with the BBC, the Girls Aloud star said that the eyes can show whether or not someone is trustworthy.

"When I meet somebody, I look straight at their eyes and if they"re shifty, I don"t trust them straight away," she explained.

However, Ms Cole refused to be drawn on the last person whose eyes did not gain her trust.

Asked who she most recently avoided due to not having honest-looking eyes, she declined to answer, stating, "I"ll keep that one private."

Ms Cole"s own eyes have featured in the press lately.

Hello! magazine revealed that she accentuates them with false eyelashes and told its readers how they could apply their own.

Tips included using a nail stick to press the lashes down after they are glued on and eyeliner can be used to help hide the roots.

Mascara also blends together the real and fake lashes.

by Adrian Galbreth

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