Opticians can diagnose non-eye problems

Opticians can diagnose non-eye problems

Having an eye examination can lead non eye related health problems being diagnosed.

North Dakota news source KFYR ran a report on how opticians can spot signs of serious illnesses and conditions that are not necessarily immediately related to the eyes.

High blood pressure and diabetes are two ailments that have symptoms an optician might spot.

Terry Schmidt, an optician, told the broadcaster that the blood vessels at the back of the eye can be an indicator of these types of problems.

He explained that they can leak if they have been weakened by this kind of condition.

According to Diabetes UK, white people over 40 and Asian and black people over 25 are at a higher risk of diabetes if they also have one or more particular risk factors.

These include high blood pressure, being overweight or having serious mental health problems.

Having relatives with diabetes also makes it more likely the condition will develop.

by Adrian Galbreth

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