Kate Hudson: Test your eyesight!

Kate Hudson: Test your eyesight!

By Emily Tait

The film star Kate Hudson has used a novel method of instructing people to have their eyes tested.

She was responding to speculation that she was about to marry her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez.

Gossips had spread rumours that Miss Hudson was preparing to tie the knot after she was seen sporting a ring.

But apparently none of them noticed that she was wearing it on her right hand, not her left, prompting her to recommend that they check their eyesight.

Miss Hudson made the correction in an interview with Elle magazine.

Not having one"s eyes tested regularly, however, can lead to far more serious problems.

According to Action for Blind People, most sight loss can be avoided if it is detected soon enough.

It recommends that people test their eyes every two years but warns that a quarter does not.

Problems that can be caught with an eye test include glaucoma, cataracts and age-related macular degeneration.

by Emily Tait

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