Help given for office eye makeup

Help given for office eye makeup

By Emily Tait

Office workers have been given assistance on how to make up their eyes to suit their workplace.

Sophie Oliver, a celebrity makeup artist, told the Daily Mail how women could keep themselves looking professional at work.

According to Ms Oliver, dark circles under eyes need to be covered with a light-reflecting substance and a soft grey pencil can be applied to the upper eyelash rim.

The same pencil should be used on the lower rim, but applied just two-thirds of the way.

After this, grey eyeshadow should be brushed across the eyelid and a white eye pencil on the lower inner rim will help to accentuate the eye.

Two layers of mascara should then be added but Ms Oliver warned against applying too much.

She also reminded women that if they are emphasising their eyes, lips should be kept natural and low-key.

Look magazine recently suggested to women that they use dark purple eyeshadow and blue kohl to recreate a look recently sported by actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

by Adrian Galbreth

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