Contact lens care from authority

Contact lens care from authority

American wearers of contact lenses have been issued advice from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about care and maintenance.

Eye infections are sometimes a worry for contact lens wearers but good hygiene practise can eliminate this, the Miami Herald quoted the FDA as saying.

It said contact lens cases should be replaced every few months, lenses should be properly cleansed and they should be removed before swimming.

In addition, cleaning solution should never be reused and hands should be washed thoroughly before handling the lenses.

It added that saliva should never be used to moisten the lenses.

"The FDA regulates lenses and lens solution, as well as their advertising and marketing, to ensure accuracy and safety," the herald noted.

"It also regulates decorative [and coloured] lenses, which are particularly popular at Halloween."

Daily disposable lenses, such as 1 Day Acuvue, get rid of the need to clean contact lenses in solution overnight.

by Emily Tait

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