Appeal to help Pakistani children to see

Appeal to help Pakistani children to see

By Martin Burns

A charity is calling for help to assist visually impaired children in Pakistan have the sight correction they need.

SOS Children"s Villages, which dedicates itself towards helping orphans, has highlighted the fact that hundreds of thousands of Pakistani children cannot have a proper education because they cannot see properly.

The charity cited an IRIN report about ten-year-old Kaneez Fatima, who has stopped going to school because she cannot see the blackboard.

Her teachers say she is unable to learn anything.

Sight Savers International told the charity that Pakistan is home to 1.4 million blind people.

People wishing to support Sight Savers are asked not to donate second hand glasses, as it is not easy to match them to someone who needs the same prescription as the lenses and the frames are unlikely to fit.

Another problem with used glasses is that they are often too scratched or otherwise damaged to be useful.

Instead, the charity works to produce spectacles locally for people in the developing world.

by Emily Tait

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