Tips given for buying glasses

Tips given for buying glasses

Advice has been given to people considering buying new spectacles.

Theyedoctor.com recommended that buyers look online as they may be able to find cheaper options on the internet without compromising on quality.

Furthermore, the glasses retailer also urged people to make sure that they have a spare set of spectacles in case they lose or break the pair they normally wear.

The seller stressed the importance of using eyewear to protect the eyes.

As well as wearing sunglasses to shield the eyes from the sun"s harmful UV rays, people were also told to make sure they don protective goggles if necessary for work or when playing certain sports.

The Los Angeles Times has given advice to people who want to buy glasses like those worn by the famous documentary director Albert Maysles.

Barton Perreira and Barneys New York have joined forces to create glasses frames like the documentarian"s after he donated the ones he had worn since the 1960s for a designer to reproduce.

by Alexa Kaczka

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