Old makeup "risks eye health"

Old makeup "risks eye health"

Women have been warned to protect their eyes by not using makeup that is too old.

Scottish newspaper the Daily Record pointed out that makeup and other cosmetics have use-by dates and can be harmful if applied after they have expired.

Powder eyeshadows are safe for about two years but cream-based ones should be discarded after a year to 18 months.

Eyeliners in pencil form can last a long time as long as they are sharpened in order to get rid of the layer on which bacteria may have started to form.

According to the paper, sharpening them regularly can keep them safe for use for two years.

Mascara is another product that should not be used for too long.

It has a relatively short shelf life, being fit for use for only about three to six months after purchase.

The newspaper explained that bacteria are pushed down inside the container as the wand is dipped in and out.

After a year, mascara will probably have dried out.

by Alexa Kaczka

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