Singer reveals past of geeky glasses

Singer reveals past of geeky glasses

By Emily Tait

Pop star Oritse has confessed a style howler from his past.

The singer, who is a member of the band JLS, told the Sun that he was teased at school due to his eyes.

He revealed: "I used to be a big geek. I had big round glasses and was very uncool."

Oritse is one member of the singing quartet JLS, who rose to fame last year on the X Factor.

Although the band did not win, they have enjoyed success in the charts since then on the back of the publicity they gained through the popular television talent contest.

Oritse"s glasses may not have been fashionable at the time, but round lenses were in vogue this summer.

The New York Times reported in June that designers such as Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren were releasing spectacles that sported circular lenses.

Famous wearers of round glasses have included John Lennon and the fictitious boy wizard Harry Potter.

by Martin Burns

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