Glasses enable referee to keep working

Glasses enable referee to keep working

By Martin Burns

One of the oldest football referees in the country has said that glasses help him carry on with his career.

Harry Hardy has been refereeing football matches since 1957 and does not plan to retire even 52 years on.

The 83-year-old told the BBC that he feels perfectly capable of carrying on with his job, being physically fit from bicycle riding.

"If your eyes go you have glasses, so that is all right," he said.

But he added: "Mind you, they still think you are blind!"

Mr Hardy, who lives in Derbyshire, referees matches for the Long Eaton Sunday League.

The FA said that Mr Hardy was proof that "refereeing can be enjoyed by everyone" and paid tribute to his long years of service.

Last month, optometrist Jill Dillon told the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune that children who play football could benefit from wearing contact lenses.

She said that new technology makes contact lenses safer for youngsters and also noted that daily disposable lenses remove a lot of the concerns about hygiene.

by Alexa Kaczka

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