Optician prepares for Africa mission

Optician prepares for Africa mission

By Alexa Kaczka

Visually impaired people in Ethiopia will soon be able to get help from a Hartlepool optician.

Mick Timlin is one of several eye specialists heading out to the town of Butajira with Vision Aid Overseas (VAO).

He will distribute spectacles and carry out eye tests as well as offering training to help the town become more self-sufficient in terms of its eye health.

Mr Timlin told the Hartlepool Mail that VAO"s work could be life changing for people in the developing world.

"It"s a great thing to be involved with," he said.

His business, Timlin Optometrists, already collects glasses to for VAO to give out to disadvantaged people in the Third World.

VAO was set up in 1985 and has carried out 600,000 eye tests since then.

In addition, 300,000 people have received glasses as a result of its work.

The charity aims for everybody in the world to be able to get eye care and corrective lenses where needed.

by Martin Burns

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