Contact lens firm in website charity drive

Contact lens firm in website charity drive

By Martin Burns

The contact lens firm CooperVision has engaged in a charity programme based on its website traffic.

CooperVision has pledged to give a dollar to New Eyes for the Needy for every unique visitor who lands on its website.

It will continue this until a $5,000 (£3,012) donation has been made.

The scheme is also designed to promote LensLocator, a facility which lets people browse contact lenses more easily.

New Eyes for the Needy works to bring spectacles to impoverished people in the US, both adults and children.

A spokesperson said the charity was grateful for CooperVision"s involvement.

CooperVision spokesperson James Gardner told the Alternative Press that the firm hopes the joint scheme will help more people in the US get the vision correction they need.

The company does not sell contact lenses in the US to anyone except licensed professionals in order to comply with regulations by the US Food and Drug Administration.

by Adrian Galbreth

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