Blind Skier gets Gold

Blind Skier gets Gold

As Kelly Gallagher accepted her gold medal on Monday she did so with Charlotte Evans, as they both shared the podium. Charlotte is Kelly"s eyes on the slope while she speeds down the alpine course.

Kelly, who comes from Northern Ireland, has congenital oculocutaneous albinism, a disorder which involves a lack of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes and which also causes vision problems such as blurring.

When Kelly skis, she can"t see anything at the snow level, and the only way she can tell how fast she is moving is with the force of the wind in her face.

Charlotte provides crucial instructions, shouting non-stop into the headset that is the only communication between the two skiers, even when they travel at speeds of 60mph.

Gallagher and Evans earned Great Britain its gold medal despite Gallagher ignoring Evans" instructions. The pair took the super-G title in just one minute, 28.72 seconds.

by Martin Burns

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