Coloured mascara "is winter trend"

Coloured mascara "is winter trend"

By Emily Tait

Mascara in startling shades is a hot trend for this winter, according to a report.

Beauty writer Elsa McAlonan used a Daily Mail article to outline the fashionable look and how it should be used.

She said that women over 40 can wear mascara in unusual colours but warned people not to risk overkill and advised women not to apply too many layers.

"Coloured mascaras are fantastic if you want to contrast your natural eye colour, but I would only ever use them on the upper lashes," she wrote.

Ms McAlonan suggested wearing brown mascara on blue eyes and blue mascara on brown.

Those with green eyes were advised to try purple colouring for their lashes.

One lady who was recently shown how to emphasise her eyes is 49-year-old Linda Aldridge, who cares full-time for her Parkinsons" disease-suffering husband Graham.

Staffordshire newspaper the Sentinel arranged a makeover for her, including makeup by Lisa Ray.

Ms Ray used a brow mascara to help define Mrs Aldridge"s eyebrows and applied both eyeliner and mascara to bring out her eyes and lashes.

by Alexa Kaczka

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