How to achieve the perfect winged eye

How to achieve the perfect winged eye

Looks on the catwalk set the trends for the forthcoming season and one which can be picked up instantly is winged eyeliner.

This needs some detailed application of make up to pull off, but luckily in a Daily Mail report, make-up aficionados give their best tips to achieve the perfect look.

Firstly, you should start with a bare eyelid and apply the eyeliner with an ultra-fine brush.

Benjamin Rousseau, make-up artist for Lancome, told the news provider that when applying the eyeliner you should pull the skin "taut" at the outside and look down while brushing the liner "into the lash line itself on the top eyelid, in between the root of the lashes".

With eye shadow, "the key is to layer your eye shades", concentrating on the crease of the eyelid and layering the shadow deeply for a "dramatic effect", according to Will Malherbe, Bobbi Brown"s education executive.

Bobbi Brown was a celebrated advocate of winged eyeliner at his fashion shows.

Alex Box, creative director of Illamascua, said: "For a modern look, just wear it on a nude face. It"s like the other extreme of a red lip – scrap the rest of the face and just do the eyeliner."

by Martin Burns

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