Glaucoma "can be stopped"

Glaucoma "can be stopped"

Gloria Hunniford, presenter of the BBC"s Heaven and Earth programme, said everyone should get their eyes tested periodically because otherwise they might not be aware they have the glaucoma.

She was backed up by a specialist at Moorfields Eye Hospital, Mr Ian Murdoch, who explained that early diagnosis was important because once the eye was damaged, it was not reversible.

However, it can be treated if caught early. Ms Hunniford said: "The mere fact that this is treatable, makes me think, "why don’t we all go and have an eye test more regularly" because the only way you are going to find out … is if you have your eyes tested."

Glaucoma can be hereditary so children of people who have glaucoma have an increased chance of getting it too. It can lead to blindness.

According to the International Glaucoma Association, an estimated more than 500,000 people suffer from glaucoma in England and Wales, with more than 70 million people affected across the world.

by Alexa Kaczka

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