Weight problems "can damage sight"

Weight problems "can damage sight"

Obesity makes people twice as likely to lose their sight as those with a normal Body Mass Index (BMI), according to a recent report.

Launched by the sight charity Eyecare Trust and healthcare provider Simplyhealth as part of National Eye Week, the report reveals that just eight per cent of people associate obesity with sight loss, despite it being a major factor in the onset and progression of many eye conditions.

The National Eye Week See the Benefit poll found that obese people were the group least likely to visit their optician.

It interestingly reveals that those with a BMI in excess of 25 are most likely to believe their eyes are in a state of "good" or "very good" health.

Iain Anderson, chairman of the Eyecare Trust, said: "While people are more likely to be aware of threat to eye health from factors such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption or poor diet, they just don"t make the connection with obesity."

The National Eye Week which normally runs in November is a chance to promote the awareness of good eye care by looking at lifestyle, diet and nutrition.

by Adrian Galbreth

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