Hololens, an exciting development in networked technology.

Hololens, an exciting development in networked technology.

One of the most exciting developments in networked technology, or any technology really, is augmented reality.

This has to date been mostly limited to mobile phones. In one app, for instance, you can see what businesses are nearby.

Microsoft is working on a virtual reality product called Hololens which is also exciting. In the company"s 2016 Super Bowl ad, users projected the Super Bowl to a table. It also features players bursting through your living room wall.

Even though the device currently is fairly sleek, in relative terms, it is still bulky. However, the constant process of miniaturization will eventually bring the same qualities to contact lenses .Once that happens and the lenses can be connected via Wi-Fi or Li-Fi (an emerging technology), the world will change.

Imagine being able to build a profile which could, for instance, find you coffee shops to your liking, or being able to order and pay for your drink on the way in while browsing the menu before you.

Imagine being able to visit your doctor without leaving your seat, or being on the tube and watching last night"s football game and when there"s trouble, silently summoning the authorities to your car - or taking and sending a picture to them of the criminals.

This sort of technology is not here yet and there are many technical issues to resolve. But it"s coming.

It"s also easy to imagine how this technology could be abused, but for the most part, though, lenses like this should be liberating. Not only will you have excellent vision, you could project GPS when you"re driving. Smart, connected contact lenses will transform the way we see and move through the world.

by Emily Tait

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