Save your eyesight – stop smoking

Save your eyesight – stop smoking

By Martin Burns

AMD (age-related muscular degeneration) Alliance International is strongly urging smokers to participate in tomorrow"s (November 19th"s) Great American Smokeout to protect their vision from the effects of macular degeneration.

The leading cause of blindness among people over the age of 50, AMD is two to three times as frequent among tobacco smokers, according to research by JM Seddon last month.

Further research in October by WG Christen revealed that regular heavy smoking can increase the risk of AMD by 144-fold in people with certain genetic backgrounds.

David Herman, AMD Alliance International chairman, said: "We [can] add vision loss to the list of significant and debilitating health risks that are caused by smoking. If you quit today, you can immediately begin lowering your risk of losing your sight to macular degeneration."

Healthcare provider Simplyhealth recently suggested that a diet lacking in fresh fruit and vegetables is a contributing factor to various eyesight conditions.

by Emily Tait

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