Inventor devises contact lens cleaning system

Inventor devises contact lens cleaning system

Dave Zakutin – an American inventor – devised a simple mechanism for cleaning contact lenses, according to a recent report by Ontario"s Kitchener Waterloo Record.

The Jitter Bug contact lens cleaning system has two small plastic compartments and is simple to use – contact lenses are placed inside and at the press of a button the contraption vibrates, cleaning the lenses.

Mr Zakutin believes his hands-free device will be the answer to the world"s 40 million contact lens users who struggle to clean their lenses effectively.

And the inventor gave a simple explanation for the motivation behind his invention.

"I wear contact lenses. Every day I wake up and try to figure out how I can make life better," he said.

There have been a number of developments recently that promise to make life easier for contact lens users.

These include UV-protective contacts which darken when exposed to bright light and drug-releasing lenses that offer glaucoma patients correct and consistent dosages.

by Emily Tait

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