New sports eyewear released

New sports eyewear released

By Emily Tait

Sports eyewear giant Oakley has announced the introduction of a new premium collection called "Elite".

The new glasses blend old craftsmanship with world-class design innovation that pushes the limits of technology, Oakley claims.

Company president Colin Baden said: "Oakley earned its authenticity with more than 600 unique patents in product design, and the Elite icon represents the most innovative concepts we have ever envisioned."

Mr Baden added that the new revolutionary designs combine breakthroughs in technology that have resulted in innovations that previously would have been too expensive to develop.

The glasses are made from carbon fibre thinner than human hair but stronger than high-tensile steel. This is blended with resins and assembled into structures 40 layers thick.

They represent another step forward in the sports eyewear industry following Bausch & Lomb"s recently unveiled product – towelettes which can be used to prevent fog from forming on sports eyewear such as ski goggles.

by Adrian Galbreth

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