Progress on pills for age-related blindness

Progress on pills for age-related blindness

Until now there has been no treatment for many causes of age-related blindness, but a team of researchers led by a doctor at the University of Utah are one step closer to developing a pill to combat such diseases, according to Deseret News.

Dr Dean Li, professor of internal medicine and director of the molecular medicine program at Utah"s School of Medicine, has said a pill may one day effectively treat such conditions by tricking cells into making blood vessels stronger.

"By fooling the cell, we"ve prevented inflammation from damaging blood vessels of the eye," he said.

Research has previously recognised the process by which this can be done, but the latest research by Dr Li the possibility for a drug with a smaller molecular structure to help stabilize blood vessels in the eyes, making it possible for the search for a usable compound to begin.

by Alexa Kaczka

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