Convenience drives the contact lens market

Convenience drives the contact lens market

The contact lens market is being increasingly driven by consumers" wish for convenience, according to a BizAcumen report.

Contact Lenses and Solutions: A Global Market Review revealed that as a result, people are leaning towards daily, biweekly, and monthly disposable contact lenses instead of the conventional soft lenses and rigid gas permeable lenses.

There is a core niche market for rigid gas permeable lenses though mainly for those people who require high acuity, the report says.

Soft contact lenses with silicone hydrogels have been brought to the global market thanks to technological developments which allows more oxygen to get to the cornea of wearers.

The contact lens and lens care solutions market is very competitive and companies compete on factors ranging from product performance to price, marketing, and distribution reach, it was reported.

Optometrist Jill Dillon told the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune that daily disposable lenses remove a lot of people"s concerns about hygiene.

by Emily Tait

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