"Burn and learn" the story for early days of laser surgery

"Burn and learn" the story for early days of laser surgery

By Adrian Galbreth

Twenty years have passed since the first laser eye surgery and its history has been perused in an article in the Times newspaper.

According to the newspaper, the first laser surgery took place in November 1989 and since then the treatment has developed so much that 100,000 Brits are having it every year.

The surgery was conducted by David Gartry, who was a junior ophthalmic surgeon, at St Thomas" Hospital in London.

Fast forward to 2007 and the technique had developed to such an extent that it was being used to treat astronauts who are unable to wear glasses or eye drops while in space as they tend to float away.

Julian Stevens, a surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital, told the Times: "To some extent it was burn and learn," referring to the initial period of laser surgery.

World-renowned surgeon Dr Con Moshegov will undergo laser eye surgery in a live broadcast to persuade more people to have the surgery in January 2010.

by Adrian Galbreth

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