Indian hospital opens eye care forum

Indian hospital opens eye care forum

An eye hospital in India is launching a forum for parents of children in need of eye care to mark World Disability Day (December 3rd).

Sankara Eye Hospital in Bangalore put together the facility, which allows patients to share their views and experiences, and provides them with medical information.

Dr Kaushik Murali, consultant ophthalmologist and director of the Nanna Kannu Program, said that the knowledge that their child is blind is often a major shock for parents.

"They are beset with many worries and have numerous questions, to which this forum would try and find answers to. It would help them to learn from each others experiences and also get expert advice," he added.

In other eye care news, earlier this week the Carluke Gazette reported that pupils at Lanark Grammar School raised £654 by wearing sunglasses for a day, to help save the eyesight of two blind grandmothers in the village of Kosodo, Kenya.

by Alexa Kaczka

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