Volunteers deliver state-wide free eye care

Volunteers deliver state-wide free eye care

By Alexa Kaczka

Residents in Arizona are receiving eye care free of charge thanks to a new initiative.

The scheme is being rolled out by the Arizona Department of Economic Security Sight Conservation on a small budget of just $240,000 and with the help of four employees, the Yuma Sun reports.

According to the news provider, the department is currently in talks to secure new funding to keep the project going.

Dr Chaman Luthra, an ophthalmologist who has been volunteering at the mobile clinic for the last 30 years, told reporters that it is essential the group is able to keep the initiative going.

"Especially here in San Luis, where we only come once a year. They"ll be devastated that they won"t be able to get this service, and angry. These people wait over six months," he added.

Last month, the American Optometric Association joined forces with Digital Healthcare to help optometrists in the US provide better care for patients with diabetes and other diseases.

by Martin Burns

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