Chinese authorities urged to improve student eyesight

Chinese authorities urged to improve student eyesight

Education authorities in China have been urged to pay more attention to combating near-sightedness among students.

Vice education minister Chen Xiaoya spoke to local education authorities via a video conference.

"Near-sightedness is still a serious problem among primary and middle school students as some local education authorities and school management do not pay enough attention to the prevention of near-sightedness," he said.

Eighty-three per cent of college students in China had impaired eyesight when the latest national health check was announced in 2008.

Experts blame the heavy workload at school for the degeneration of students" eyes.

Mr Xiaoya told local education authorities to record students" eyesight and take the necessary measures.

He also stressed that families, communities and schools should cooperate to prevent near-sightedness among the country"s students.

Charity SOS Children"s Villages recently called for help in assisting visually impaired children in Pakistan have the sight correction they need.

by Emily Tait

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