How to use contact lenses

How to use contact lenses

According to B&L, the maker of PureVision contact lenses, after a few times the routine of wearing and removing contact lenses will become second nature.

It stressed the importance of hand washing and to get into a routine of putting the same lens in each time, so as not to risk ever mixing them up.

This is important because the eyes could need different strength lenses to correct vision.

A useful tip is to rinse the lenses in a multi-purpose solution then put one lens of the tip of an index finger, edges turned in.

Look straight ahead, pull down the lower eyelid with the middle finger of the same hand, pull the top lid up with another finger, look up and place the lends on the white of the eye.

Look down and close the eye for a moment and the lens will reposition itself correctly.

For the full guide check the B&L website under the heading of Consumers.

by Emily Tait

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