Importance of eye exams highlighted

Importance of eye exams highlighted

Many children suffer from inhibited learning due to eye conditions, which can be corrected easily with a visit to the optician, say optometrists at Envision Family EyeCare.

The eye specialists are encouraging parents to schedule appointments before the new school year starts in response to the statistic that up to 86 per cent of school-aged children have never had a thorough eye exam.

Dr William Reynolds, an optometrist at Envision, said that many patients come in having been diagnosed with learning impairments but in reality all that needed correcting was poor eyesight or visual skills.

"If your child has stuggled through their previous school year, or is just about to start school now is the time to bring them for a complete eye exam. The problem may not be learning-related; it may be solved simply by getting corrective vision wear," he said.

New imaging technology is being used to diagnose eye problems early and therefore maximise the effectiveness of treatment, the Des Moines Register recently revealed.

by Martin Burns

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