Lioness gets contact lenses

Lioness gets contact lenses

A lioness at a zoo in Rome, Italy, became the first in the world to be fitted with contact lenses.

Poor cataracts were to blame for 18-month-old Elsa"s poor eyesight.

She inherited the condition at birth, but it became increasingly severe, so much so that it affected her to the extent that she was refusing to eat and had lost a serious amount of weight.

That was until she was given the lens implants.

The vet that treated Elsa, Nunzio DÂ’Anna, became so interested in the animal"s case that he treated her free-of-charge.

German company S & V technologies produces contact lenses for animals, including lions, giraffes, tigers and bears, that suffer from cataracts.

A recent discovery by scientists at the University of Aberdeen that moles actually have better eyes than expected recently helped to shed light on some human disorders.

by Emily Tait

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