Columnist talks of laser surgery experience

Columnist talks of laser surgery experience

By Adrian Galbreth

Aisha Sultan, writing in a column for St Louis Today, spoke of her nerves during laser eye surgery, the metal appliance used to hold her eyelids open and the smell of burning as the laser got to work.

She said: "They put drops in my eyes to numb them before the surgery, but no drugs are given to calm the nerves. I lay there, stone-cold sober, barely breathing through my anxiety."

The columnist also mentioned the ordeal of having to sign a form acknowledging the risk of death. However unlikely, she says, it was in the small print.

Immediately post-surgery she felt nauseas, groggy and had searing pain in both eyes.

The Times recently highlighted 20 years of laser eye surgery.

Julian Stevens, a surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital, told the newspaper that "to some extent it was burn and learn" during the early years of the treatment.

by Martin Burns

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