What to expect in you eye exam

What to expect in you eye exam

In order to buy cheap contact lenses online, people need to get a prescription from their optician and this requires an eye test.

An optician will spend around 20 minutes assessing the eyes" vision needs and then upto another 20 minutes assessing you for contact lenses, but it"s advised to set aside about one hour if this is your first contact lens fitting as you will need time to learn how to insert and remove your lenses.

According to Johnson & Johnson, maker of Acuvue products like 1 Day Moist, it"s also a good idea to let the optician"s know that you are interested in contact lenses and would like the appointment to include having them fitted.

The eye examination itself will include questions about general health and why there is an interest in contact lenses - for example, is it to correct vision, to change the eye colour with coloured contact lenses, or do you need your lenses for sport.

In addition to a regular sight test a series of tests will assess eye health and vision, including general vision, peripheral vision, depth perception, muscle actions, eye pressure and so on.

The government recommends people get their eyes checked at least every two years.

by Alexa Kaczka

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