Contact lens implants "could replace laser surgery"

Contact lens implants "could replace laser surgery"

People who need vision correction such as contact lenses or even glasses have known for some time that laser eye surgery could offer an alternative solution.

However, many choose not to undergo this procedure, because of the cost of the surgery itself or because it has been widely publicised that it sometimes does not offer permanent results.

The condition of their eyes could also make the procedure inappropriate.

There is another option available for those who don"t mind the idea of having eye surgery - implantable contact lenses, a news website in the US has reported.

KOLD News 13 visited a hospital to speak to Patricia Larson about her surgery.

Her doctor, Mr Goldman, told the website: "When you look at that cost over time and safety considerations, coupled with reversibility and better quality vision, it"s a pretty negligible difference [to laser eye surgery]."

However, some people will always opt for ordinary contact lenses, such as daily disposable lenses, because of their convenience and low cost when bought online.

by Adrian Galbreth

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