Pensioner campaigns for better eye care in Coventry

Pensioner campaigns for better eye care in Coventry

By Alexa Kaczka

A Coventry pensioner is calling for a high-profile campaign to encourage the city"s inhabitants to get their eyes tested.

Robert Wright has asked local MP Bob Ainsworth to investigate why visually-impaired people are not getting the help and treatment they need.

Speaking to the Coventry Telegraph, Mr Wright said: "We are asking for a high profile campaign to get everyone to get their eyes tested.
"Most of these conditions can be beaten and people"s eyesight can be saved if the problem is caught early enough."
Local optician Julian Williams has already lent his support to the campaign, saying that the treatment process should be streamlined.

Last week, optometrists at Envision Family EyeCare emphasised the need for regular eye checks, suggesting that many conditions, especially those seen in young children, can be corrected easily with a trip to the opticians.

They advised people who have not had their eyes tested in a while to book a trip to the optician.

by Emily Tait

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