Christmas military eyewear donation

Christmas military eyewear donation

By Alexa Kazca

A protective eyewear company that supplies military personnel is donating 500 sets of goggles and sunglasses to the military, reports the Burlington Free Press.

The company will give away 500 sets of its eyepro glasses, worth around $100 (£62) each, to the servicemen and women who need them most as part of a Christmas appeal.

They will be distributed via four bodies that aid the military – Any Soldier, Any Sailor, Any Airman and Any Marine.

Revision Eyewear is accepting suggestions for which base to send the eyewear to and donations can be made on people"s behalf by leaving a message on the official appeal website.

A recent appeal by Kenya Union of the Blind (KUB) in conjunction with Computer Aid International to donate computers and teaching software to visually-impaired school children in Kenya was recently chosen by the Independent as one of its three charities for its Christmas Appeal.

by Adrian Galbreth

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