Metallic pastel eye makeup big for 2010

Metallic pastel eye makeup big for 2010

By Emily Tait

Metallic pastels are set to be one of the hot eye makeup trends of 2010, according to one expert.

Celebrity makeup artist and Pearl Drops spokesperson Ariane Poole said that spring and summer seasons will be characterised by apricot colours and other pastel shades.

However, she added that the "in" colours are pastels with a shimmer, rather than chalky eye shadows and blushers.

"I"ve done a couple of shows recently where we have done the spring look and it has been all about using the metallics," Ms Poole continued, suggesting that lilac will also be a popular colour for eye makeup.

"[This] is a new twist, because we haven"t really seen metallic pastels – we"ve seen it in the deep richer colours, but never in the pastels," she added.

Ms Poole has been in the makeup industry for 25 years and has worked with A-list celebrities such as Catherine Zeta Jones, Penelope Cruz, Uma Thurman and Yasmin Le Bon.

by Emily Tait

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